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How a Service Dog Changed Their Life

We are dedicated to training and providing service dogs to individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to enhance the independence and quality of life for these individuals by matching them with highly trained and skilled service dogs. These stories showcase the incredible impact that these dogs can have on the lives of their owners and highlight the important work being done by Putnam Service Dogs.

Sarah & Eddie — A Bond of Friendship and Confidence

A Loving, Energetic Service Dog Early on, we realized Eddie was a precocious, high energy pup who needed a puppy raiser (and eventually) a recipient she could love that would give her all the exercise, service dog tasks, and doggy play dates she...

Frankie — Prized Pup in Service Dog Training

Rescued for adoption and training Rescued from dire circumstances Abandoned. In the heat on the side of the road in Mississippi. This was the start of life for Frankie and his litter. Abandoned in a cardboard box with no protection, food or water,...

Kate & Duke

Mobility Service Dog: The Perfect Fit Between Kate & Duke Finding a credible service dog organization The demand for well-trained, authentic service dogs is high. In fact, it has surpassed the availability of trained service dogs. For Kate, she...

Janet and Eddie

Eddie, at 19 months, will begin Formal Training in the next few weeks. Formal Training is the period of our training program where a pup lives with our Head Trainer. The dog’s obedience, house manners and loose leash walking are honed to a...

Callie & Bob

Putnam Service Dogs placed Callie with Bob in November 2021. Bob had suffered a traumatic brain injury. A perilous symptom remains from his injury,  his fragile balance, which had kept him confined at home. When he did leave his house,  his wife...

Duke’s Story

Our pup, Duke, is being raised by Michael, a Naval Officer candidate. When he was a staff instructor at the Nuclear Protype Training School, Michael was selected for the Seaman to Admiral-21 program. He moved to the Bronx in spring of 2021 to begin...

Cary with his recipient, Jake:

Jake says:  “Cary is my best friend. I can’t imagine my life without him. We go almost everywhere together and he always keeps me safe. Cary is very good at his job and constantly alerts me to things I can’t hear. I have more...

Brook’s Story

Putnam Service Dogs placed Brook in November 2020 with a family that lived on constant pins and needles. Their 11 year old daughter suffers from epileptic seizures. Everyone in the household (4 people, including the 11 year old girl) lived in...

We Love Starting each Day with Belle

The term unconditional love tells the story of the bond between a dog and human. Belle entered Maria’s life a short time ago. Maria is battling a cancer that has debilitated her motor functions and has created unprecedented anxiety and stressors....
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