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Our Vacation Relief Homes care for our pups when our raisers need relief.

It can be very difficult to plan a vacation when dedicating your time to fostering puppies, especially those that are going to be service dogs, as they need more attention than pet dogs do. However, if you are a compassionate animal lover, Putnam Service Dogs provides relief coverage to our dedicated fosters. Our vacation relief programs provide temporary care for their foster puppies while our dedicated raisers take some time for themselves.

Our vacation relief programs ensure that the pups are in carefully vetted hands and will continue to receive the love and attention that they need during these early stages of development. Thanks to our team of dedicated volunteers, our dedicated puppy raisers can now take vacations without worrying about their pups. At Putnam Service Dogs, we ensure that when puppies are placed into temporary homes for vacation relief, they are happy and healthy and contribute to their overall well-being. 

Why Become a Vacation Relief Puppy Raiser?

There are quite a few perks of becoming a vacation relief puppy raiser, especially if you are an animal lover. First, it provides you with the unique opportunity to experience the joy and fulfillment of bonding with puppies without the long-term commitment. 

By becoming a vacation relief puppy raiser, you have the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of these pups under the guidance of our trainers. This is your opportunity to bring happiness and joy into your life, creating lasting memories and connections and safe guarding these lives of these adorable pups.

Want To Become a Vacation Relief Puppy Raiser?

Most Vacation Relief volunteers care for a pup for us occasionally – once every month, every other month, for 3-10 days, depending on the need of our raisers.

 The raiser will bring all supplies the pup will need, including a crate if needed, and will drop the pup off and pick the pup up.

We expect you to keep the pup safe and happy while in your care and respect our policies – the dog is not allowed on the furniture, the dog will not be off leash except in a fenced area, the dog will not be fed from the table, and the dog will not be taken to a busy, stressful setting. Our training staff will orient and train you as needed.

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    Animals who live in your household? (Breed, age, spayed/neutered, description of their temperament/how they relate to dogs). *

    Has your dog(s) every growled, snapped, resource guarded, cowered, or avoided people or dogs?*


    How many dogs have you owned, and what happened to them?*

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    Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, height and type of fence.*


    Are you willing to adhere to our policies to keep our pup healthy and safe at all times?*


    Are you willing to walk the pup at least 20 minutes/day, and take it out to eliminate at least 4 times/day?*


    Please give us 2 references of people able to attest to your ability to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of being a Putnam Service Dog Vacation Relief Volunteer.*

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