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Our Vacation Relief Homes care for our pups when our raisers need relief.

Most Vacation Relief volunteers care for a pup for us occasionally – once every month, every other month, for 3-10 days depending on the need from our raisers.
There is no cost to you – the raiser brings all supplies the pup will need, including a crate if needed, and will drop the pup off and pick the pup up.

We expect you to keep the pup safe and happy while in your care, and respect our policies – the dog is not allowed on the furniture, the dog will not be off leash except in a fenced area, the dog will not be fed from the table, and the dog will not be taken to a busy, stressful setting. Our training staff will orient and train you for 1-2 hours, and as needed.

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    Why would you like to be a Vacation Relief Home for us?*

    When would you be ready to begin?*

    Who lives in your household? Names and ages of all people (including you).*

    Animals who live in your household? (Breed, age, spayed/neutered, description of their temperament/how they relate to dogs). *

    Has your dog(s) every growled, snapped, resource guarded, cowered, or avoided people or dogs?*


    How many dogs have you owned, and what happened to them?*

    How much, and what type of experience have you had with obedience training of dogs?*

    Who will be primarily responsible for the pup?*

    Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?*


    Is anyone in your household afraid of dogs? *


    How many hours will the pup be left alone during the day?*

    What area of the house will the pup be left when it’s alone?*

    Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, height and type of fence.*


    Are you willing to adhere to our policies to keep our pup healthy and safe at all times?*


    Are you willing to walk the pup at least 20 minutes/day, and take it out to eliminate at least 4 times/day?*


    Please give us 2 references of people able to attest to your ability to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of being a Putnam Service Dog Vacation Relief Volunteer.*

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