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Everyone at Putnam Service Dogs has their entire heart in what they do. Their dedication to the dogs they train and the people they provide to is unmatched. Because of Putnam Service Dogs, I have gained a considerable amount of confidence and independence and improved the overall quality of my life.
(recipient of Eddie)
Nancy Teague with a new service puppy
Putnam Service Dogs has been a tremendous help to my family in particular my father in law who suffers from a traumatic Brain Injury.The entire company has been very supportive throughout the process. We have seen a major change in my father in law since Callie has been placed with him. He feels much more comfortable going out into the public. Putnam Service Dogs make a great effort in trying to place the service dogs with the right families.
Darren Melhado
Putnam Service Dogs is an incredible organization dedicated to helping people that need a service dog. The staff work tirelessly searching and adopting puppies from ANIMAL SHELTERS. These puppies are then loved and cared for throughout the 1 to 2 year extensive training process. The volunteer raisers, trainers, and CEO founder and staff are all compassionate and dedicated to successfully placing these incredible dogs with a recipient that is in need. It is the endless dedication for placing a top notch service dog with the perfect matched recipient that puts them at the top of the list.
Kim Moran
My family enjoys volunteering with Putnam Service Dogs and have cared for a few future service dogs.
Tim & Ellen McLaughlin
I proudly support four organizations that provide service dogs to individuals and families requiring the support provided by specially trained canines. I have been supporting Putnam Service Dogs for several years. Their dedication to their mission is a pleasure to follow. I comfortably recommend anyone interested in supporting such efforts to take a look at Putnam Service Dogs.
Larry Kaiser
I've known Nancy Teague for several years and have followed her tireless efforts to build Putnam Service Dogs to what it is today. Nancy as CEO (and a puppy raiser herself), the PSD trainers, and volunteers are all equally passionate about their dogs as they are about the disabled people who rely on them. I've been to two events and have seen how they treat their dogs - with care, respect and positive training. Despite an urgent need for service dogs, they would never release a dog that wasn't an A+ graduate nor release a dog to an owner who wouldn't treat the dog with A+ respect. It's because these people have integrity - a rare thing these days. Keep up the good work!
Anthony LoFrisco Jr
Amazing organization! The trainers (and dogs!) are phenomenal! The employees are very professional and friendly. I’ve enjoyed their events too!
Amanda Dillon
The CEO and founder of Putnam Service Dogs is a compassionate, dedicated and generous person. She is extremely conscious of the great responsibility the organization takes on when first, it adopts puppies from animal shelters for training and then moves those puppies onto the extensive training needed to become loving, loyal and effective service dogs. Just as importantly, is the care and careful consideration given to the placement for these highly trained and valued service dogs. Even the most extensive preparations for a successful placement can sometimes yield an unsatisfactory outcome. It is wonderful that Mr. Doyle was able to receive a service dog at no cost from another organization. Everyone involved in training and placing service dogs wish only for successful outcomes for clients and their dogs.
Gina Fedele
Putnam Service Dogs has truly bestowed upon our family a canine guardian angel. From the moment our application arrived on Nancy's desk, she was in regular contact with us, assessing our needs and getting to know us as a family. I respect how important it is for the dogs to go to safe & loving homes and I wouldn't accept anything less from an organization. I am happy to share that our son was recently matched with an incredible dog who has changed his world. It's been amazing to see this wonderfully trained dog meet and exceed our expectations at every turn. He has handled every situation with intuition, intelligence, and a calmness that our son needs. They make an incredible team and we're excited to see what they'll accomplish together in the years to come. Thank you Putnam Service Dogs!
Erica Draxler
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