We are a 501(c)3 organization

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Life Changing

We train rescue pups as service dogs for veterans and people with disabilities other than blindness so the teams can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Help us champion the nurturing bond between service dogs and people

Make a Donation

With the help of our generous donors, we are improving the lives of dogs and people - together. Read our success stories, review our financials and consider donating monthly or a one-time gift

Raise a Pup

Thanks to our volunteers who raise service dog puppies, offer care while raisers take vacation, or assist in the office or at fundraising events.
There are lots of ways to lend support!

Apply for a Service Dog

Whether you need a service dog trained for mobility assistance, hearing alert, veteran or a facility service dog, we can train a pup for your specific needs - all while using humane methods.


How our Program Works:

At every stage of the process, we honor our dogs by championing their personality through positive relationships, environments and humane treatment


Find Rescue Pups

We find and adopt rescue pups from local rescue organizations that exhibit rare skills and temperament that makes a great service dog.


Place Pups in Homes

Our pups are raised in loving homes with volunteer puppy raisers who provide humane care and a healthy social environment until they are ready to start formal training.


Train Dogs for Service

With the help of our expert, experienced service dog trainer, our service dogs learn specific tasks to meet the unique needs of our recipients. During their formal training, our dogs are living in our intimate Residential Training Center, not an efficient, large-scale training center where they are kenneled.


We Change Lives!

By unlocking and nurturing the special skills and personality within each service dog, we help transform the lives of our rescued pups and their recipients.

And they lived happily ever after...

Frankie- Prized Pup in Service Dog Training

Learn how Putnam Service dogs adopted a rescue pup once abandoned in Mississippi and tranported north to Westchester SPCA. He’s now a strong candidate in our service dog training program.

Sarah & Eddie- A Bond of Friendship & Confidence

As a friendly, loving, high energy service dog, Eddie was meant to be a service dog. Matched with Sarah at just 20 months old, she immediately gave Sarah a sense of confidence she needed - and continues to grow - at home and in public.

The Putnam Service Dogs Difference

We select rescue pups with potential from trusted shelters.

We champion our dogs through humane methods to house, train and place our dogs.

Our dogs show us who they naturally love and want to naturally assist.

A Day in the life of a puppy in service dog training

We couldn’t do it without the help of our volunteer puppy raisers and the donors
that support our important work for transforming lives.

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