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As a Service Dog Puppy Raiser, You’ll:

Create memories you’ll treasure the rest of your life. Bring a great pup into your home to raise and love.

Why Be a Service Dog Puppy Raiser?

Meet New People. Strangers love talking about your pup to you.

Play a Vital Role in Producing a Service Dog. We can't do it without our raisers.

Live with a Great Dog 6-18 months. You choose your commitment length. Earn a $500 bonus from us for each 6 month period you're a raiser with us!

Our Trainers will Guide you on your journey as a Service Dog Puppy Raiser. You'll learn a lot under their guidance.

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How Long Will I Have the Pup?

Most pups we adopt are 3-5 months old. They’re turned in for Formal Training at 18-22 months. You choose your commitment length – 6, 12, 18 months.

You can take a vacation!

Need to be gone while you’re raising a pup? We have a network of vacation relief homes to care of the pup when you’re gone.

What type of pup would you raise? 

We train carefully selected mixed breed rescue dogs. We train mobility assistance service dogs, so we seek larger dogs. A young pup will grow to be 50+ lbs. It will be friendly, intelligent, focused, nonaggressive, and responsive to training. A great dog!

Will you qualify as a volunteer puppy raiser for us?

– You’ve been seeking a volunteer opportunity where you’ll make a direct, significant contribution.

– You live in  Putnam, Dutchess, or Westchester Counties,  Upper NYC (Manhattan)or Connecticut – Brookfield to Ridgefield or Stamford area.

– If you work: Do you work from home, could you bring the pup to the office, or do you have a partner who would take the pup during your work day? You need to be with the pup most of the day.

– You love dogs.
– You’re kind, patient & consistent.
– You’re dedicated to raising a great pup for us to help someone less fortunate.
– You have no more than 1 dog already, and that dog is friendly or at least nonaggressive to other dogs.
– You’re able to walk a dog at least a mile a day

– You’re able to follow the guidance and instructions of our trainers. Your success will depend on your ability to follow instructions.

– You’re hard working, and able to do the daily work required to raise a service dog pup.

How much will this cost me?

You provide some toys,  food & water bowls, a measuring cup, and gas/travel expenses to group classes, the vet, the groomer, and events.

We cover the MAJOR expenses

– food, vet care, medications, grooming expense, leashes, harnesses, collars, crates, a dog bed, and some toys

What is it like to raise a service dog pup for Putnam Service Dogs? 

Here’s what our raisers say: 

I love it!
So rewarding!
I love helping people less fortunate than me!
I’ve learned so much about dogs!
I’m healthier now since I’m more active!
I lost 10 pounds!


Please call us at 917-449-5359 or

What is a Service Dog Puppy Raiser’s Responsibility?

Love the pup. It’s their love of people that helps them succeed as a service dog.
Exercise and play with the pup.
Train the pup in snippets several times a day.
Take the pup on outings each week.
Keep the pup safe and healthy.

Is it Hard to Give up the Service Dog Pup?

Yes, but you’re raising a pup to change the life of someone less fortunate. You’ve worked hard to prepare the pup for its life of service. Seeing it matched with someone will be a heartwarming, joyful experience for yo

Interested? Contact us for more information.
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What type of service dog do we train?

At Putnam Service Dogs, we only train service dogs; a dog that assists individuals with disabilities other than blindness and deafness.