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To train a service dog is to give it your all so someone else can accomplish their goal

Why Be a Service Dog Puppy Raiser?

We simply can’t do without our puppy raisers! When you bring a pup into your home to love and raise for service dog training, you play vital role in producing a much needed service dog.

You choose the length
of committment

(6- 18 months)

Our trainer will guide you
on your journey

Create memories
for a lifetime!

What’s Involved in Raising a Puppy to Become a Service Dog?

Putnam Service Dogs covers the major expenses, such as food, vet, grooming, some toys, leashes, harnesses, vests, and a dog bed. We ask raisers to provide a measuring cup, food bin, more toys, and transportation costs to and from the vet, grooming, and training classes. In the process, you’ll learn a LOT about dogs, and learn to be better dog handlersand dog parents.

Qualifications to become a puppy raiser for Putnam Service Dogs

Besides absolutely loving dogs, there are other characteristics and capabilities we look for to ensure our pups receive the best care in the early stages of their training before they start formal training. If you can answer “Yes!” to these statements, we encourage you to apply to become a puppy raiser. Your support is a critical step in the process of raising pups with potential who can help someone who needs them.

How To Become a Puppy Raiser with Putnam Service Dogs


Submit the online Application


We’ll learn more about you


Get matched with a pup!

“There’s more to raising a service dog pup than one might think. And I love it! I’ve raised several pups for Putnam Service Dogs. The trainer works with us twice a week, and I stay busy, so the puppies do to! They go everywhere with me – the rec center, church, coffee shops and to play bingo with friends.

At the end of the day, I’m saving the puppy’s life and help an individual with disabilities, too.”

-Janet (raiser of Duke, Eddie)

Not Ready to Raise a Pup Full Time?

We get it. Raising a puppy can be a lot. And if you’re not quite ready to take a pup on full time, or want to offer puppy raising support in another way, consider helping other puppy raisers while they’re on vacation!

Questions about Raising a Service Dog Puppy

How old is the pup I would raise?

Most pups we adopt are 3-5 months old.

How long will I have the pup in my home?

Our dogs are turned in for formal training at 18-22 months. You choose your commitment length of 6, 12, or 18 months.

Can I take a vacation?

When you need some time away, we have a network of volunteers to step in and provide vacation relief homes to care for the pup when you’re gone.

What breed of pup would I raise?

We train carefully selected mixed breed dogs from rescue shelters. We train service dogs for mobility assistance, which are larger dogs that can grow to be 50+ lbs. We work hard to select pups that are friendly, intelligent, focused,no naggressive, and responsive to training. Essentially, you’ll get a great dog!

How much will this cost me?

You provide some toys, food & water bowls, a measuring cup, and gas/travel expenses to group classes, the vet, the groomer, and events. We cover the MAJOR expenses such as food, vet care, medications, grooming expense, leashes, harnesses, collars, crates, a dog bed, and some toys.

Puppy Raising Tips

Puppy Raising Tips

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