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If you’re seeking an Emotional Support dog, please complete our application to Adopt a Release Dog. We look for applicants who can competently and humanely care for a dog, are residents of the United States, and who will benefit from having one of our service dogs. Currently, the wait for our Service Dogs is about 2 years, depending on your needs, and the capabilities and temperament of our pups in training.

We need volunteer puppy raisers and vacation fosterers to produce more Service Dogs! Please ask your friends to apply.

We foster the nurturing bond between humans and dogs, and treat our dogs humanely and respectfully during their raising and training. We expect our recipients, their families, friends, caregivers, etc. to treat our Service Dogs as they would any treasured friend. A lot has gone into creating our Service Dogs. Graduated Service Dogs are a rare, precious gift as not many dogs have the necessary temperament, focus, and intelligence to function as a Service Dog.

To protect the dog, we do not allow our Service Dogs to pull wheelchairs, or function as a brace by placing their full weight on the dog to get back up from a fall. These activities can harm our dogs.

Our Service Dogs are individually trained to match the needs of their recipient. Our dogs’ skills can include retrieving dropped items, pushing elevator and automatic door buttons, tugging open doors and drawers and closing them, turning lights on and off, getting help, assisting in dressing, alerting to sounds – ringing phone, knock on door, etc. To apply, please complete the following application. All * must be completed for the form to submit.

Applying does not guarantee you will receive a dog. Any misrepresentation(s) on the application will result in disqualification of the application.

    Your Name and Address

    Salutation* :

    Are you a Veteran? YesNo

    Under 21 or incapable of competently caring for a dog?*YesNo If no, please add custodial parent or guardian contact info.

    Custodial Information

    Salutation :

    I approve all communications going to both me and my guardian.

    Additional Contact Information

    Would you like to add an additional contact?*YesNo If yes, please add below.


    About You

    Do you require a Hearing Alert Dog?*YesNo

    Do you require a Seizure Alert Dog?*YesNo

    Do you require a Hypoallergenic Dog?*YesNo
    (Please answer yes to this question only if you REQUIRE a hypoallergenic dog)

    Are your living arrangements conducive to caring for a Service Dog?*YesNo


    How will you exercise the dog?*

    Do you have a support system (family and/or friends) to assist with transitioning to life with our Service Dog and with the responsibilities of owning a dog?*YesNo


    A Service Dog will cost $1,500+/year to feed and provide vet care. Can you afford this?*YesNo


    Will the applicant (and Parent/Guardian/Caretaker if relevant) be able to attend a 5 day training session in Putnam County, NY? You will be responsible for room and board during this period with some assistance from us.*YesNo


    Your Personal Information

    Your Birth date*:

    Your Height*: " ' (Feet/Inches)

    Your Weight*:

    Marital Status*: SingleMarriedWidowed/WidowerDivorced

    Who else lives with you? (People and animals)*

    Note: Since another dog in the household will distract our Service Dog, we are only placing Service Dogs in homes that have no other dogs.

    Is anyone in your household allergic to, or afraid of dogs?* : YesNo

    If yes, please explain below:

    Type of Home you live in* : ApartmentHouseOther

    Fenced Yard?* : YesNo

    Type of Area you live in* : UrbanSuburbanRuralOther


    Type of Area you and your Service Dog will visit frequently* : UrbanSuburbanRuralOther


    List any Medical Condition(s)* :

    Please enter none if no conditions exist.

    Disabled?* : YesNo

    If Yes, How long have you been disabled?*

    How does your disability affect your life and current level of independence?*:

    List the type of activities you want your Service Dog to assist you with

    Retrieve and deliver dropped items?* : YesNo

    Fetch Items?* : YesNo


    Turn lights on and off?* : YesNo

    Assist you in dressing?* : YesNo

    Assist you in doing the laundry?* : YesNo

    Go for help in case of an emergency?* : YesNo

    Open doors?* : YesNo

    Open drawers?* : YesNo

    Press elevator buttons?* : YesNo

    Accompany you in crowded situations?* : YesNo


    What other activities were you hoping your Service Dog would perform?*

    Name of person completing this form and contact information (Phone and email)