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What happens to the pups we release from our program?

An emotional support dog won’t have the public access rights that a service dog has unless they perform tasks for you that you’re unable to do yourself (the definition of a service dog). They still change lives.

Whenever possible, we look to place our release dogs as emotional support dogs. A lot of time, effort, and money has gone into any pup we decide to release from our program. We match our released dogs as carefully as we match our placed service dogs.

We make great efforts at Putnam Service Dogs to ensure that our release dogs find loving homes where they can grow and give emotional support to their new owners. We think that every dog deserves the opportunity to have a happy and fulfilled life, and we are proud of our successful program that puts our release dogs in the role of emotional support animals.

The adoption fee for one of our released dogs is $800 on up, depending on the

Let us help you find your new furry companion today! Get started by filling out the form below.

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    Why do you want to adopt a dog now?*

    A Dog will cost you approximately $1,500/yr to care for - food, supplies, vet care, grooming, etc. Can you afford this?*


    What need(s) do you hope a dog will fulfill in your household?*

    Who currently lives in your house? Please list name and age of all people.*

    What other animals do you currently live with? Please indicate breed, neutered/spade, age.*

    If you have other animals, how do they react to dogs? Have they ever growled, snapped resource guarded, cowered, avoided people and other dogs?*

    What type of setting do you live in? Near busy street(s)?*

    How many hours/day will the dog be left alone?*


    Where will the dog be kept when it is alone?*

    Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, what type of fence, and how high?*


    If you don’t have a fenced yard, how will the dog be exercised? (Please be specific)*

    Who will assume responsibility for caring for the dog/taking it out 4+ times/day to eliminate?
    Exercising it (a minimum of a 20 minute walk every day, running 5-10 minutes in a fenced

    How many other dogs have you owned? Please list breed/age/ and what happened to them.*

    How much obedience training have you had? What methods of training a dog were taught to

    Please give us 2 references that will attest to your ability to competently and humanely care for a dog. (Include phone numbers please).*

    Reference #1:

    Reference #2:

    Anything else you’d like us to know?*

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