Become A Volunteer Puppy Raiser


Our FREE, highly trained service dogs are chosen from rescue groups.
Our recipients are people with physical disabilities other than blindness.



As a Volunteer Puppy Raiser You’ll:

  • Meet New People
  • Live with a Great Dog 12-18 months 
  • Play a Vital Role in Producing a Service Dog

Our Trainers will Guide you on your journey as a Service Dog Puppy Raiser.


You can take vacations if you want them.
We have a network of vacation relief homes to care for the pup when you’re gone.

Become a puppy raiser

Is it Hard to Give up the Pup?

Yes,  but your goal is to prepare the pup for its journey. The pup you raise will help a person less fortunate than you.


What is a Puppy Raiser’s Responsibility?

Love the pup. It’s their love of people that helps them succeed as a service dog.

Dule as a puppyExercise and play with the pup.

Train the pup in snippets several times a day.

Take the pup on outings each week.

Keep the pup safe and healthy.

You provide the food, some toys, a bed. We cover the MAJOR expenses – vet care, medications, leashes, harnesses, collars, crates.

You too can have a great pup in your arms. Apply or call us at 917-449-5359.


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