Volunteer Puppy Raiser /Vacation Relief Volunteer

This application is for both Volunteer Puppy Raisers, and Vacation Relief Volunteers to complete. We need to know much of the same information about both types of volunteer positions, as both will be caring for our pups.

Our pups are raised and trained as service dogs, not as pet dogs, therapy dogs, or emotional support dogs. Service Dogs perform tasks (the definition of a service dog under ADA) for their person to assist them in their daily living. The most frequently requested task by our applicants is to retrieve dropped items. We train our carefully selected pups to be FREE Service Dogs for people with physical disabilities other than blindness. We do not train therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, PTSD dogs, or dogs for people with autism.

What does a vacation relief person do for us? Care for the pup when their raiser is gone/needs relief – usually for 3-9 days at a time. The pup’s raiser will bring all supplies you’ll need, including the crate, food, toys, beds, leashes, harness/gentle leader, etc when they bring the pup to you. You’ll provide the care, attention, exercise, and lots of love. Our trainer will instruct you on our training protocols, so you’ll know how to follow them. We only use positive, kind, humane methods of training as it is ESSENTIAL that service dogs like and trust people. You most likely will not be asked to bring the pup in your care to a fundraising event to make a short appearance.

What does a puppy raiser do for us? To successfully raise a service dog, you will spend 1-2 hours a day caring for, exercising, training, loving, and taking them on outings to socialize them. Our training staff will work closely with you to guide you and support you. The first 6 months will be intense for you. You’ll be teaching the pup a lot, it will need frequent toilet breaks (physically can’t hold it very long), and a LOT of supervision.  A puppy is high energy, and will need a fenced area where it can run to release pent up energy. If you don’t have a fenced yard, hopefully you know a neighbor or friend who will let you use their yard. Even running for 10 minutes/day yields wonders. You’ll also need to walk your pup – short walks at first, and at least a mile a day after the pup is 6 months old. You’ll train the pup in snippets several times a day, and take it on 2-3 outings each week to expand its knowledge of the world, and build its confidence. You’ll bring the pup to fundraising events to make a short appearance (you’ll be guided by our trainers on this).  We’ll help you create an incredible dog, and hopefully one who will graduate. It will require true commitment, discipline, and daily effort from you! Read our blog post about becoming a volunteer puppy raiser.

Thanks for your interest and support. Volunteer Puppy Raisers and Vacation Relief people are indispensable to our mission!!!!

Please check this box if you are applying to be a vacation relief volunteer.
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Who will take responsibility for the puppy when the puppy raiser isn’t available? *:
Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs? *:
Is anyone in your household afraid of dogs? *:
How many hours will the puppy be left alone during the day? *:
What area of the house will the puppy be left when it’s alone? *:
Do you have a fenced yard? *:
Do you have other dogs in your home? If yes, we’d like to do an onsite visit of your home. *:
What breed/age/sex/spayed or neutered? :
How do your dogs react to other dogs? :
Have your dogs ever growled, snapped, resource guarded, cowered, or avoided people or other dogs? :
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If yes, what type? How old are they? :
How do they react to dogs? :
How many dogs have you owned, and what happened to them? *:
How much experience have you had with dogs regarding obedience training? What methods were you taught? *:
Are you willing and able to attend weekly hour long classes to train and socialize the puppy? They will be scheduled in a location, and at a time that maximizes the class's convenience. *:
Are you willing to attend fundraising events? *:
Are you willing to provide food, toys, bedding, leash, bowls and transport for the puppy at your expense? *:
Are you willing to adhere to our policies to keep our puppies healthy and safe at all times? This includes *:

1. Keeping the dog on a leash unless in a fully fenced in area.

2. Avoiding all dogs off leash and dog parks. Supervised play dates in a fenced area are great!

3. Providing adequate exercise. When the puppy is 6 months old, a mile+ walk every day will mean a happier, better behaved dog.

4. Not allowing the puppies on the furniture.

5. Teaching the puppies to sleep in the crate and stay in the crate when alone in the house.

6. Following our socialization and training guidelines to the best of your abilities

7. Your acknowledging and agreeing the dog belongs to Putnam Service Dogs, and is yours on loan to raise and prepare for its Formal Training as a Service Dog.

Your acknowledging and agreeing that Putnam Service Dogs retains the right to remove the dog from your household if the safety and well-being of the dog are at risk, or its training and socializing are not being adequately attended to.

If the puppy is released from our program before graduation, and you raised the puppy for at least 6 months, you’re eligible to receive the dog free, if desired. If you desire the released dog, and you raised it less than 6 months, you have first option to receive it, but must pay our adoption fee.

I agree to all of the above policies.
Please give us 2 references that will attest to your ability to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of being a Putnam Service Dog Volunteer Puppy Raiser. :
Anything else you’d like us to know? :
Thank you for beginning your journey with Putnam Service Dogs. You’ve joined a great cause!