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Does Your Dog Love You?

golden-retriever-treatsDog lovers have no hesitation is saying dogs love their people. Dogs’ obvious attachment to their owners is shown in their following them around, their approaching them for attention and
affection, and the ecstatic greeting they give their person when they return home. Without an emotional bond, there would be few dogs joining a household.

Until recently, we had to deduce their emotions only from their behavior. Gregory Berns of Emory University, a physician who had conducted MRI studies for 25 years of humans, conducted groundbreaking MRI studies of two dogs’ brains. He, and his staff are huge dog people, and they were curious how dog brains worked. Dr. Berns trained his dog, a shelter dog, and an acquaintance trained her border collie, to lie perfectly still in the MRI machine. This was the first time MRI studies had been done on conscious and unrestrained dogs. He wanted to humanely capture their brain functions, and capture their brains functioning as closely to their natural state as possible. (more…)

Building A Nurturing Bond

Putnam Service Dogs is committed to honoring the very special, nurturing bond between humans and dogs. The bond between a service dog and its handler is one of the closest bonds there is. They are truly interdependent on each other and have an intensity in their daily relating that isn’t present in most dog/human relationships.

Mixed Breed Service Dogs

Most of the Service Dogs Schools in the US have closed colonies of dogs – they breed their own dogs to enhance desirable traits and the health and longevity of the dogs. Even with careful, sophisticated breeding and genetics techniques used, there’s a graduation rate of only 30-40% of their dogs.

Service Dogs Change Lives

Putnam Service Dogs has dedicated its mission to providing free, highly trained service dogs to people with physical disabilities, other than blindness. Why? Because we passionately believe service dogs change lives. We’ve seen it, and have heard it from many grateful recipients of service dogs.

What is a Service Dog?

Putnam Service Dogs will train and provide free service dogs and follow-up support services to people with physical disabilities who have demonstrated they, or another person who lives with them, can competently and humanely care for a service dog.